Fine day for fine music :)

•March 9, 2012 • No Comments


As you can see on my Jamendo profile I have published new album titled “The Hybrid”. A bit different concept than my usual work. However I would like to coninue the search for perfect combination of symphony and metal. Hopefully you will enjoy my newest piece as I enjoy it :)


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•September 14, 2011 • No Comments

My latest work is available for some time now. Feedback is very encouraging and I’d like to thank you all for such positive reaction :) It helps me to improve skills and motivates for hard work. Next album is on the way!


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The Adventurer

•April 26, 2011 • No Comments


As you can see, there is a new album availible. With it I’m trying to improve my skills as a copmoser and producer. Please tell me what you think of it by posting comments :)

Cheers, Mimrod

Shivering with Emotions

•February 1, 2011 • No Comments


At about 2 AM latest album was finally uploaded and is ready for listening :) Hopefully you will enjoy my work as I enjoyed creating it!

Best wishes, Mimrod

The new album

•January 27, 2011 • No Comments


Earlier today new album was uploaded. I finally came up with the name for it – “Shivering with emotions”. Hopefully I did it correctly (my english is not from the first league). Please enjoy, as it is grand work – even if not very long :)

Best regards, Mimrod

New year, new stuff

•January 11, 2011 • No Comments


I would like to share some news with you. New material for upcoming album is nearly finished. Hopefully, by the end of this month, you will have the opportunity to enjoy it. What is it? Well, it is symphonic piece, inspired by movie soundtracks. Completely new sound and approach combined with some old ideas gave a birth of… this nameless thing ;) I will certainly come up with the name for it later on :)

That’s it for now. Have a nice time and stay tuned :)


Hello music maniacs!

•November 13, 2010 • No Comments


I can happily announce uploading my new album. It’s called “Symphonic Rites” and it’s my first symphonic piece. Album contains four tracks – the last one keeps a little surprise at the end. Please visit my Jamendo profile to experience its epic beauty :)


PS. Be patient as it is moderated :)

Vox Potentis

•September 10, 2010 • No Comments


From today on you can download and listen to my new piece entitled “Vox Potentis”. Hope you find it attractive :)



New stuff

•September 9, 2010 • No Comments


Since it’s my first post on this freshly made blog and I don’t have much to announce I will say just this:

Hello to everyone! ;)

Today I uploaded my new piece entitled “Vox Potentis”. It’s a one-track-album and contains symphonic orchestra, some metal showdown and progression. All was made in dark and melancholic manner.

Moderation will take some time, so please enjoy my previous albums :)

Hope you like it!

Cheers, Mimrod

Hello world!

•September 9, 2010 • 1 Comment

Welcome to Blogs. This is your first post. Edit or delete it, then start blogging!